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Jiangsu BioGuide Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu BioGuide Laboratory Co., Ltd. (BGL), as a professional and independent Contract Research Organization, focuses on chemical analysis and physical-chemical properties test of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and industrial chemicals. BGL owns OECD GLP certificate, and is also a certificated pesticide registration test facility approved by China Ministry of Agriculture. Moreover, BGL is one of the only several CROs in China that operate independently and have dual-qualifications at home and abroad.

Our company is equipped with an experienced technical team and a variety of instruments, so that it is convenient for us to focus on providing tests on agrochemical products, such as pesticides and other fine chemicals. We can efficiently provide your company data packets, which are high-quality and meet regulatory requirements, to support domestic and overseas registration of your products.

Our company provides services on:

Chemical analysis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and industrial chemicals.
Physical-chemical properties test of pharmaceuticals, pesticide formulations and industrial chemicals.
Analysis of pre-clinical pharmaceuticals and clinical biological specimens.
Research on quality control method, establishment of quality standard and stability of pharmaceuticals.
Biocompatibility evaluation of medical devices.
Testing of health products, cosmetics and foods.


BioGuide Technologies Co., Ltd.,

BioGuide Technologies Co., Ltd., located in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Haidian District, Beijing. As a high-tech, professional testing service laboratory, BGL specializes in composition analysis of proteins and peptides protein and polypeptides, amino acid, DNA and RNA, insect pheromone, plant extracts (such as azadirachtin, toosendanin, sophocarpidine, carvacrol, physcion and pyrethrin, etc.) and fermentation products (such as abamectin, pleocidin, Ningnanmycin, kasugamycin, gibberellin, streptomycin, etc., provides qualitative and quantitative analysis, five batch analysis for fungi, bacteria and viral pesticides. Quickly and accurately solve biological and chemical problems in qualitative identification of active ingredients and bacteria, structure identification and analysis of secondary metabolite, etc., fully meet the technical service requirements of Biotechnology Companies in R&D, registration and QC. We will provide high-standard and strict-limited testing services, and finally deliver a report in compliance with GLP principles to clients.


  • Paraguay registration certificate

    Paraguay registration certificate

    Paraguay registration certificate
  • Argentina registration certificate

    Argentina registration certificate

    Argentina registration certificate
  • OECD GLP certificate

    OECD GLP certificate

    OECD GLP certificate
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